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  • The Astbury Centre Welcome to the website of the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology. The Astbury Centre is an interdisciplinary research centre that brings together around 250 researchers from across the University to understand the molecular basis of life.
  • RSC prize Profs Alison Ashcroft and Sheena Radford have been awarded the Rita and John Cornforth Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry for 2015 for "their seminal contributions in mass spectrometry and allied biophysical methods to characterise protein misfolding mechanisms and inform on new strategies to combat human disease".
  • New mass spectrometers James Ault, Alison Ashcroft and collaborators have taken delivery of two new electrospray mass spectrometers in the Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Facility, courtesy of BBSRC ALERT14 funding. The instruments have a range of protein and peptide sequencing facilities, and ion mobility 'shape' separation.
  • NMR workshop Prof Sheena Radford (Astbury Centre Director) and Dr Anastasia Zhuravleva welcomed Prof Phil Selenko (Berlin), Dr Mike Plevin (York) and Prof Alex Breeze (Leeds) as speakers at the BioNMR meeting where PIs, postdocs and PhD students learned of the latest developments in Biological NMR.
  • Lorna Dougan Following the award of the RSC Macro Group UK Young Researchers' Medal for 2013 congratulations go again to Dr Lorna Dougan on being awarded a Medical Research Council (MRC) Suffrage Award along with two other leading academics from Leeds.
  • The Astbury Centre Brochure The Astbury Centre launches a new logo and a brochure highlighting our science, training, equipment infrastructure and outreach activities. Download the new brochure.
    New logo available on the intranet.
  • NMR day prize winners Sigurd and Lucy were winners of the best poster prizes at the recent Astbury Centre BioNMR research day. We were joined by our White Rose colleagues from Sheffield and York to learn of the latest developments in NMR.
  • Max Planck symposium More than 50 members of The Astbury Centre and the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany met to discuss exciting developments in our science.
  • Prof Andrew Hamilton Professor Andrew Hamilton, FRS (Oxford) gave the 2014 Astbury Centre Annual Lecture "Targeting Protein Surfaces using Designed Proteomimetics". The 2015 Annual Lecture "Illuminating biology at the nanoscale with super-resolution imaging" will be given by Xiaowei Zhuang, Harvard University on 3rd July at 11am.
  • Away Day 2014 More than 120 Astbury Centre members attended the Away Day in 2014. Poster prize winners included Darren Machin, Samuel Hickman and Oluwapelumi Adeyemi
  • The Astbury Centre The Centre is named after Prof William Astbury, FRS, one of the pioneers of modern structural molecular biology.
  • Bragg on Braggs Melvyn Bragg presents a history of X-ray crystallography including a contribution from Astbury Deputy Director Thomas Edwards
  • Book launch In June 2014 Kersten Hall's book recounting Bill Atbury's scientific achievement was launched with several Astbury family members in attendance. See the history pages on this web site for more details about the development of the Astbury Centre, including a voice recording from Bill Astbury himself.
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The Astbury Centre

The Astbury Centre brings together researchers from across the University - largely from physics, the biological sciences and chemistry - to allow interdisciplinary approaches to be harnessed to understand the molecular basis of life. The Centre has outstanding expertise and research infrastructure in chemical biology, biophysics and all of the major techniques in structural molecular biology. Together, these approaches are combined with analyses of biological function with the ultimate aim of understanding the molecular basis of biological mechanisms in living cells. Our members address major questions associated with biological mechanisms in areas as diverse as membrane proteins; protein folding and assembly; viruses; and motor proteins. The Astbury Centre hosts 4-year PhD programmes funded by the Wellcome Trust and BBSRC that recruit students with the wide range of expertise that may be used to address fundamental biological questions.

Welcome to the Centre

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Steve Baldwin's Memorial Meeting
16 December 2015

Welcome to the Centre

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Astbury Centre Brochure

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Upcoming seminar

Thursday 04 June 2015
4 pm Astbury Level 11
Prof Ben Berks
University of Oxford
Moving folded proteins across membranes
Host: Peter Oatley (Postdoc nomination)

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