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External access

Microscopes in our facility allow high (near atomic) resolution structure determination by single particle electron microscopy. Our custom built facility, including support laboratories and tissue culture facilities, allow us to work with category II specimens.

The facilities within the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory are primarily intended for use by Leeds researchers and their collaborators. However, we welcome applications from all potential users, both academic and industrial, as up to 20% of the time on our instruments can be made available to external users at the discretion of the Biostructure Lab management.

Applications for the Titan Krios are managed through the Aria proposal system https://www.structuralbiology.eu/update/dashboard?t=astbury. Please create an instructhub account in order to access the proposal submission system. External applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the EM support scientist before submitting an application for time on the Titan Krios. For access to other microscopes, please contact a member of the EM facility.


Who can apply for access?

  • Academic or industrial scientists from other institutions who collaborate with Leeds.
  • Academics from other institutions who want to request paid access.
  • Users from industry who require paid access.

How do I apply for time?

  • All users must submit a request for Titan Krios time via the Aria proposal management system.
  • Supporting preliminary cryo data is required for all Titan Krios applications.
  • Applications are considered by a user allocation group (UAG), which meets every four weeks. All instrument time is at the discretion of the panel.
  • All users should expect a minimum of two weeks notice before their allocated time.

How far in advance do I need to apply for time?

  • The schedule for Krioses is split into 28-day allocation periods. The UAG meets two weeks before each allocation period begins. Allocated time may be scheduled at any points during the 28-day allocation period.
  • Users are encouraged to submit their proposal as soon as EM grids are ready.
  • Unsuccessful applications for one allocation period will be rolled over into the next where appropriate.
  • If rapid or extensive access is needed, users are encouraged to justify this on their proposal and directly contact the EM support scientist.

I don't have preliminary cryo data, what should I do?

  • Please contact the EM support scientist for help in starting cryo-EM projects.