1908 Sir William Bragg joins the University of Leeds.
1915 Nobel Prize in Physics (1915) awarded jointly to Sir William Henry Bragg & William Lawrence Bragg for services in the analysis of crystal structures by means of X-rays.
1928 WT (Bill) Astbury joins the University of Leeds.
1931 Astbury identifies two major recurring patterns of protein structure (α & β) & takes the first X-ray fibre diffraction pictures of DNA.
1939 Dame Kathleen Lonsdale performs pioneering work on the structure of the benzene ring in hexamethylbenzene.
1940 Bill Astbury elected an FRS.
1945 Irene Manton’s cytological work known worldwide for the structure of cilia & flagella. Kathleen Lonsdale first of two women to be elected FRS in that year.
1953 Manton becomes first female head of the department/first female president of the Linnean Society. Watson & Crick discover first correct double-helix model of DNA structure. Astbury awarded American Society of European Chemists medal for his outstanding contribution to scientific relations.
1960 Donald E Nicholson publishes the first metabolic pathway chart. Astbury becomes 4th recipient of Duckett Jones Memorial Award for pioneering & continuing work on X-ray diffraction.
1961 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to MF Perutz & JC Kendrew for the first 3D structures of haemoglobin & myoglobin.
1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to F Crick, J Watson & M Wilkins for discoveries concerning the helical structure of DNA.
1972 Nobel prize in Chemistry awarded to CB Anfinsen for the folding of protein chains.
1982 Sir A Klug awarded the Nobel prize in Chemistry for the structural elucidation of biologically important nucleic acid-protein complexes.
1985 Nobel prize in Chemistry awarded to H Hauptman & J Karle for the development of direct methods for the determination of crystal structures.
1997 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to PD Boyer, JE Walker & JC Skou for the elucidation of the enzymatic mechanism underlying the synthesis of ATP & the discovery of an ion-transporting enzyme. I Wilmut, K Campbell & colleagues at the Roslin Institute clone Dolly the sheep.
2003 Roderick Mackinnon & Peter Agre awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry for discoveries concerning channels in cell membranes.
2006 Nobel prize in chemistry awarded to RD Kornberg for studies of the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription.
2009 Nobel prize in chemistry awarded to V Ramakrishnan, TA Steitz & AE Yonath for studies of the structure & function of the ribosome.
2010 Prof Sheena E Radford elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.
2012 Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded to BK Kobilka & RJ Lefkowitz for studies of G-protein coupled receptors.
2013 BBC archive recording 'Bragg on the Braggs' History of X-ray crystallography including contribution from Astbury Deputy Director Thomas Edwards.