1928 WT (Bill) Astbury joins the University of Leeds.
1948 Bill Astbury elected a Fellow of the Royal Society
1961 Reginald D Preston appointed head of Astbury Department of Biophysics.
1972 Anthony CT North appointed head of department.
1976 ACT North & PE Nixon derive the structure of human lysozyme from hen egg lysozyme. Represents the first application of molecular replacement.
1986 Simon Phillips resolves the first 3D structure of an antibody-antigen complex.
1989 Phillips SE et al., (Stockley lab) publish the cooperative tandem binding of the met repressor of Escherichia coli. (Nature)
1990 Astbury Department of Biophysics merges with the Department of Biochemistry.
1991 ACT North , JBC Findlay, SEV Phillips et al. discover the structure of the mouse major urinary protein.
1992 Radford et al. (Evans lab) discover that the folding of lysozyme involves structured intermediates & multiple pathways. (Nature)
1998 Convery MA et al. (Phillips/Stockley labs) publish the crystal structure of an RNA aptamer-protein complex 2.8 Å resolution. (Nature Structural Biology)
1999 Prof Simon EV Phillips appointed Astbury director Astbury formally constituted as a University of Leeds interdisciplinary research centre. Wilmot et al. (Phillips lab) directly visualise dioxygen bound to a mononuclear copper centre during enzyme catalysis. (Science)
2001 Prof Peter Stockley appointed Astbury director.
2002 Capaldi AP et al. (Radford lab) discover the Im7 folding mechanism: misfolding on the path to the native state. (Nature Structural Biology) McParland & VJ et al. (Radford lab) identify the structural properties of an amyloid precursor of β2-microglobulin. (Nature Structural Biology)
2003 Griffin S & Harris M discover hepatitis C virus P7 protein is an ion channel.
2004 Biophysics & Bionanoscience interdisciplinary institutes are formed under the Astbury umbrella. 2005 Formation of the Astbury Society.
2006 Whitehouse lab demonstrate how nucleolar trafficking is essential for nuclear export of intronless herpesvirus mRNAs. (PNAS) Jahn TR et al. (Radford lab) discover that amyloid formation under physiological conditions proceeds via a native-like folding intermediate. (Nature Struct & Mol Biol)
2007 The Astbury centre is acknowledged as a research “Gold Peak”. Prof Adam Nelson Appointed Astbury Director. The first annual Astbury lecture is delivered. The first annual Astbury residential research retreat takes place in Kendal, Lake District. SEV Phillips, S Carr & J Hadden map the 3D structure of T7 endonuclease, one of a class of enzymes that makes us “unique”.
2009 Roberts AJ et al. (Burgess lab) Identify the AAA+ ring & linker swing mechanism of the dynein motor. (Cell) Astbury@10 symposium takes place. Mankouri J et al. (Harris lab) show how hepatitis C virus inhibits a pro-apoptotic K+ channel as a mechanism for virus persistence. (PNAS) British Association for Science event on Astbury past & present. Bill Astbury commemorated with Leeds Civic Trust plaque.
2010 Boyne JR et al. (Whitehouse lab) demonstrate that Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus ORF57 interacts with PYM to enhance viral intronless mRNA translation. (EMBO) Prof SE Radford elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.
2012 Prof Sheena E Radford appointed Astbury Director. Williamson et al/ (Turnbull lab) describe the efficient N-terminal labelling of proteins by use of sortase. (Angew Chem Int Ed) Kellosalo J et al. (Goldman lab) identify the structure & catalytic cycle of a sodium-pumping pyrophosphatase. (Science)
2014 Prof Sheena E Radford elected an FRS. Karageorgis G et al. (Nelson lab) discover bioactive scaffolds through activity-directed synthesis. (Nature Chemistry) Tanner SJ et al. (Barr & Edwards lab) publish the crystal structure of the essential transcription anti-terminator M2-1 protein of human respiratory syncytial virus. (PNAS) M McPherson & DC Tomlinson labs describe Adhirons as stable & versatile peptide display scaffolds for molecular recognition applications.
2015 Patel N et al. (Stockley lab) reveal the density of encoded functions in a viral RNA. (PNAS) Barnard et al. (AJ Wilson lab) describe selective & potent proteomimetic inhibitors of intracellular protein-protein interactions. (Angew Chem Int Ed) University of Leeds funds £17m structural biology lab for structural biology research at the Astbury Centre.
2016 Ladbury lab shows cancer can be caused solely by protein imbalances within cells Mankouri and Barr labs show that a group of drugs already in everyday use to treat psychosis or depression may also be used to defeat deadly and emerging viruses.