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Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme

The Molecular Basis of Biological Mechanisms

Programme Supervisor Profiles

The following is a list of Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Supervisors and their research interests:

  • Prof Alison Baker - Protein targeting, synthetic organelles, membrane protein structure and function.
  • Dr John Barr - Gene expression of negative strand RNA viruses; virus-host interactions of lethal emerging viruses
  • Prof Richard Bayliss - Structural biology, protein kinases, cancer signalling pathways, drug discovery
  • Dr Paul Beales - Membrane biophysics, nanomedicine, synthetic biology, directed assembly.
  • Prof Alan Berry - Protein design, enzyme redesign, directed evolution, biocatalysis
  • Dr Robin Bon - Chemical biology, light-induced protein labelling, ion channels, protein-protein interactions, organic chemistry, structural biology
  • Prof Alex Breeze - Structural biology; molecular basis of cancer and cell signalling; NMR spectroscopy; fragment-based drug discovery
  • Dr David Brockwell - Protein (un)folding and biopharmaceutical manufacture
  • Prof Jim Deuchars - In vivo targeted molecular delivery, roles of membrane proteins (ion channels, receptors, transporters) in neuronal behaviour
  • Dr Lorna Dougan - Life in extreme environments, single molecule mechanical unfolding of proteins, small angle neutron scattering of biomolecules and liquids
  • Dr Thomas Edwards - Structural Biology; RNA:protein interactions; protein:protein interactions; RNA viruses; control of translation
  • Prof Stephen Evans - AFM studies of lipid membranes , Single molecule spectroscopy studies of membrane proteins
  • Prof Colin Fishwick - Organic synthesis, Synthetic method, Bio-organic chemistry, Self assembly, Drug Design
  • Dr Juan Fontana - Structural virology using cryo-EM
  • Dr Richard Foster - Medicinal chemistry, Small molecule drug discovery, Virtual drug design, Fragment-based design
  • Prof Adrian Goldman - Membrane pumps, integral membrane protein folding, and signalling events at the cell surface
  • Prof Mark Harris - Virus host cell interactions and mechanisms of virus replication in hepatitis C virus and Chikungunya virus
  • Dr Sarah Harris - Computer modelling of biological macromolecules
  • Dr Eric Hewitt - Cell biology of amyloid disease; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; dialysis-related amyloidosis
  • Prof Lars Jeuken - Membrane biophysics, respiration, bionanotechnology, biosensors
  • Dr Lin-Hua Jiang - Molecular and structural mechanisms of calcium-permeable ion channels in health and disease.
  • Prof John Ladbury - Molecular mechanisms of cell signalling. Structure-function of tyrosine kinase-mediated interactions. Cancer therapeutic targets.
  • Dr Andrew Macdonald - Studying how viruses cause cancer and kidney transplant rejection. Hunting for new oncogenes and tumour suppressors.
  • Dr Kenneth McDowall - RNA degradation
  • Dr Stephen Muench - Structural biology, Membrane proteins and drug design
  • Prof Adam Nelson - Synthesis of biomolecules
  • Dr Alex ONeill - Antibiotic resistance, antibacterial drug discovery/ evaluation
  • Dr Emanuele Paci - Protein Folding, Computer Simulation, Molecular Dynamics
  • Prof Michelle Peckham - Super-resolution microscopy, cryo- and correlative electron microscopy, cytoskeleton (actin, tubulin) and molecular motors (myosins, kinesins) and roles in disease
  • Prof Sheena Radford - Protein folding and misfolding
  • Prof Neil Ranson - Structural biology, structural virology, membrane proteins, protein (mis)folding and aggregation
  • Dr Ryan Seipke - Microbial natural products: discovery, biosynthesis and synthetic biology
  • Prof Frank Sobott - Biological mass spectrometry, conformational characterization and small molecule interactions, membrane proteins and lipid interactions, a-synuclein, oligonucleotide structure.
  • Prof Peter Stockley - RNA viruses; novel drug targets & synthetic vaccines/gene delivery vehicles; RNA structure; single molecule spectroscopy and macromolecular interactions
  • Prof Nicola Stonehouse - Viral replication and assembly and development of novel vaccines
  • Dr Darren Tomlinson - Understanding cellular signalling in disease by probing protein function using a novel biologic scaffold.
  • Dr Andrew Tuplin - Dengue/Chikungunya virus intracellular RNA structure, host cell interactions and molecular switching.
  • Prof Bruce Turnbull - Protein and carbohydrate chemistry; glycobiology
  • Dr Patricija van Oosten-Hawle - C. elegans; Proteostasis, C. elegans neurodegenerative disease models (protein misfolding); Transcellular chaperone signalling; Genomics.
  • Dr Stuart Warriner - Synthesis of biomolecules
  • Dr Michael Webb - Chemical Biology, Enzymology and Primary Metabolism
  • Prof David Westhead - Bioinformatics, genetic regulation, cancer genomics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Prof Adrian Whitehouse - Virus-host interactions regulating RNA processing and translational control
  • Prof Andy Wilson - Inhibition of protein-protein interactions, mapping interactions by photo-crosslinking, mechanistic role of BCL-2 family in apoptosis, molecular mechanisms of aggregation.
  • Dr Megan Wright - Chemical proteomics, chemical biology, target identification, interactions in cells
  • Dr Elton Zeqiraj - Regulation of cell signalling networks by ubiquitin; cryo-EM of multimeric complexes involved in DNA damage and receptor signalling
  • Dr Anastasia Zhuravleva - Molecular chaperones, allosteric signal propagation, structural biology, nuclear magnetic resonance

Some staff on the approved list of supervisors are not taking any new students, but are continuing to supervise existing students