... understanding life in molecular detail

Research Areas

Students on the 4-year PhD programme experience a range of areas and techniques during the foundation year before choosing their final PhD project. There are many opportunities to study the moleecular basis of disease. Research projects span the biophysical analysis of the fundamental principles and processes behind protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions, the physical and chemical manipulation and disection of biological mechanisms, and the application of this fundmental knowledge to understand the biological processes in living cells.

Specific examples include (i) bioinformatics and mathematical/computational biology; (ii) chemical genetics and chemical biology including mechanistic enzymology; (iii) molecular biophysics icluding protein folding and protein conformational analysis and their role in protein misfolding diseases; (iv) structure elucidation including important proteins involved in viral infection and replication and immune evasion and (v) biomolecular interactions in vivo and in vitro.