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If you are interested in joining the Astbury Centre please follow the links below. Prospective PhD students should follow the 'PhD positions' link above.

The Astbury Centre recruits at all levels. Prospective PhD students should follow the PhD Opportunities link above. Positions for postdoctoral research assistants are advertised in the scientific literature and on websites. Alternatively you can contact individual members of staff to enquire about positions. Please follow the People link to view their research interests.

Fellowship opportunities at the Astbury Centre

The Astbury centre actively encourages scientists wishing to apply for their own funding, via a Research or Career Development Fellowship. If you are interested in applying for a Research Fellowship, please follow the Fellowships link.

Sources of funding for early-career researchers.
This document should be helpful for:

  • Identifying funding opportunities to support a postdoc to be hosted in your lab;
  • Newly-appointed PIs, including UAFs;
  • Academics who are acting as mentors for newly-appointed staff;
  • Identifying funding to enable the recruitment of an "externally-funded" UAF

Further information and links to various fellowship schemes that can help you find an appropriate source of funding.

Post-doctoral positions

Post-doctoral research positions may be advertised here.