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Dr Kevin Critchley

Quantum dots; Nanoparticles; Bioimaging; Nanowires; Nanotubes; Photoacoustics 

The intereaction of inorganic nanoparticles at the biological interface is a facicinating field. We are developing cadmium-free quantum dots for applications towards bioimaging. In addition, we also study the transport properties of nanowires and nanostructures and investigate these properties for biosensing and biointerfacing.

Current major projects include:
  • Quantum dots for imaging colorectal cancer
  • Biosensing using nanowires
  • Quantum dots for following drug delievery
  • Biointerfacing nanowires for microbial fuel cells

My interests are in the development and study of nanomaterials and their interactions with biological systems leading to potential biomedical applications. In particular I am researching the development of fluorescent probes know as quantum dots that can target specific biomarkers.

Quantum dots themselves are nanocrystals of semiconductor that confine the electronic states allowing one to control the wavelength of light emitted and give rise to a high quantum yield. Other advantages are that they do not photo-bleach and they have an addressable surface for biomolecular functionalisation. Interestingly, we consider quantum dots (QDs) to be similar to proteins in several ways. QDs are similar size, a well-defined shape and surface chemistry to proteins leading us to study their ability to mimic the self-assembly of proteins into 1D, 2D and 3D ordered structures (Science 327, 2010, 1355).

I am interested in developing QD biomedical applications for diagnosis, treatment, and drug delivery. A second stream of my work is developing Nanowires into biosensors and understanding transport properties of nanoscale components. We are also developing nanotechnological advances to improve microbial fuel cell technologies in collaboration with Dr Lars Jeuken (Whiterose consortium).

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PhD (Leeds)

PDRA (Leeds) 2005-2007
EU Marie Curie Fellow (University of Michigan) 2007-2010
PDRA (Leeds) May-Sept 2010

EC Stoner 8.38
School of Physics
0113 343 3873


Selected Publications

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