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The VC Jordan / PR Radford Prize

The Astbury Executive will consider nominations for the VC Jordan/PR Radford prize in March each year for students who have submitted their thesis and have had their viva during the preceding 12 months. Selection of the prize winner will be made by consideration of the content of the thesis; the step change made to knowledge; the performance of the student in the viva voce and the technical achievements made. The awardee will be announced in April of each year and the winner will be invited to attend the Astbury Annual Lecture event that same year.

Those who wish to nominate a student should submit a statement (~500 words) justifying why the student should be awarded the prize. Please note: students can be nominated by any academic staff, not just by their supervisors.
In addition, a supporting statement from the internal and/or external examiners of the student, or a person independent of the supervising team (~200 words) should be included to provide an independent assessment of the quality of both the student and their thesis.
The principal nominator should gather both statements and submit them together using the nomination form below.

Nominations should be submitted by 28th February each year. Nomination forms may be submitted at any time subsequent to a successful viva performance.


The VC Jordan/PR Radford Annual Prize for the best PhD Student Thesis in The Astbury Centre for Structural & Molecular Biology

Student name:
Principal nominator name:
Principal nominator email: Required
Supporting nominator name:
Supervisor/Academic staff supporting statement (500 words or less)
Supporting statement from internal and/or external examiners of the student, or a person independent of the supervising team (200 words or less)
Please list or describe the publications obtained from the PhD thesis, the posters and/or presentations given by the student on the thesis work and any other prizes that the student has won (200 words or less)