... understanding life in molecular detail

Astbury Biostructure Laboratory

The University of Leeds is investing £17 million in a state-of-the-art laboratory for structural biology. The new facility will provide the Centre with instruments for Electron Microscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance that are competitive with the very best in the world.

Prof Sheena Radford

Welcome to the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory

"Welcome to the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory! Research in this newly established facility will focus on the large biomedical challenges we face today, within the overarching aim of the Astbury Centre to "understand life in molecular detail". We believe that the true power of structural biology comes from the integration of techniques, hence our investment in electron microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to complement the broad range of structural and biophysical techniques within the Astbury Centre."

Prof Sheena Radford, FRS Director of the Astbury Centre

Dr Neil Ranson

Electron microscopy at Astbury Biostructure

"Cryo-electron microscopy is one of the most powerful tools in modern structural molecular biology. Thanks to support from the University of Leeds and the Wellcome Trust, the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory is superbly equipped to determine the structure of biological macromolecules and the complexes they form. Please explore these pages to find out about the fantastic resources available, which include two Titan Krios microscopes with a variety of direct detectors, and how you can access them."

Prof Neil Ranson Director of EM at Astbury BioStructure Laboratory

Prof Alex Breeze

NMR at Astbury Biostructure

"Our newly-upgraded Astbury Biostructure Laboratory NMR capability, with a cutting-edge 950 MHz spectrometer at its pinnacle, provides access to world-leading instrumentation for research into the dynamic and transient interactions that govern many biological processes. All our instruments are now equipped with the latest cryoprobes and electronics consoles to provide superb sensitivity for all types of biological solution samples. For more information on what the new instrumentation can do and how to access it, please explore these web pages."

Prof Alex Breeze Director of NMR at Astbury BioStructure Laboratory

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