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Members of the Asbury Centre.

As well as the members listed below, the Astbury Centre also provides a vibrant supportive environment for Fellows. Details of our current Fellowships holders can be found by following this link - Current Fellows


Facility Managers and Administrative Support


Visiting Members

Arwen Pearson Structural Enzymology and Single Crystal Spectroscopy

Simon Phillips Now Director of the Research Complex at Harwell

Emeritus members

Alison Ashcroft 

Mass spectrometry, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Biomolecular analysis, protein folding and assembly

Peter Johnson 

Molecular Modelling; Methods Development; Organic Synthesis

Peter Knight 

Protein motors; Electron microscopy; Cell motility; Protein dynamics

Mike McPherson 

Affimer artificial binding proteins; Protein expression and engineering, and directed evolution.

Tony North 

Crystallography, Molecular Graphics, Biomolecular structure